Failing to connect you, Sir

Am I alone in being fed up with the mobile phone providers constantly changing the plug and socket arrangements for chargers and headsets?

I now have quite a collection of the things, and was amazed to discover Nokia have changed connections again. I have a perfectly serviceable headset lead (needed for radio and listening to recordings though usable after a fashion for making calls as well) and took it with me to use on a new Nokia E71. Needless to say, when I went to use it I discovered that the 3.5mm Nokia jack plug from older C series phone would not fit into what I now discovered was a 2.5mm socket. Drat.

Off to Orange shop, for my phone service is provided by the German/French telephone service (you may recall BT got shot of mobile technology…). Oh yes sir, they’ve changed it. Oh no, we don’t do earpieces and headsets any more (fruitless discussion about why not, exactly, and what sort of outfit didn’t prove obvious accessories for their equipment). Try Carphone Warehouse just up the road, Sir.  Now why should I have to go to their competitor to get something for using on one of their phones?

Nearest CW shop referred me to larger shop nearby (why?) where I was sold an adapter lead. Old headset didn’t work. Bought another headset which did work, but still needed adapter. Shop assistant puzzled and couldn’t understand why first lead didn’t work. By the way, it is quite hard to test a headset in a shop with very loud and intrusive piped music… On examination at home old headset worked on old phone but they’d changed the wiring in the plug so the internal connections were now different! The plugs of course appear identical. This is madness and I’m clearly living in some kind of strange surreal universe. Perhaps it is nonsense like this that made Orange give up selling accessories. 

The answer to the original question is that I think I am not alone but like everyone else the manufacturers and service provider’s are not really interested as their margins are satisfactory without having to spend money being nice to their customers…  (and so on!).  The thing that did strike me in all this was the unfailing courtesy with which my modest requirements were not met!

UPDATE:  I later found the microphone didn’t work, so I cannot use headset hands-free. This it emerges is a common problem when attempting to use handset on Nokia E71 and nobody seems to have the answer to it yet. Microphone OK on old phone so it must work and I’ve definitely got the four conductor unit and converter lead…  More time wasted. NOT IMPRESSED.

About machorne

I have always lived in London and taken a great interest in its history and ongoing development. This extended into the history of its transport services, about which I have written a number of books - I have spent most of my working life working in the industry and observing changes from within, mostly to the good, but not always so. I continue to write, and have a website with half finished stuff in it so that it is at least available, if not complete. Several new books are in hand. I have many 'works in progress' and some of these can be found on my website; the we address is
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