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57-Year Old Train Retiring amidst Unprecedented Crowds

I’ve been busy writing a book but nevertheless found time to drift up to Aylesbury in good time (so I thought) to enjoy the rattling and fuming experience of a trip to Princes Risborough and back. The last time I … Continue reading

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Time to Sort Out Kensington?

Have a look at these two images.    I suppose there must be plenty of people unable to sleep at night worrying about why the station name differs from the street sign and wondering which (if either) is correct. Well, … Continue reading

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Much ado about not very much – the Croxley Rail Link

When I worked at Watford (Met), then an impressively little-used station, I was brought into fairly close proximity with the Croxley Green branch, then just about still open but looking as though it wasn’t. Croxley Green station was on a … Continue reading

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So What is so Special About Sutton (and other exciting railway loop journeys)

It is a strange thing. I wanted to do a certain train journey and in spite of my understanding of how the service pattern worked I was advised I had to change trains. I ignored the ‘advice’, stuck to my … Continue reading

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Sir Albert’s First Holiday

One of the joys of doing research is the serendipitous process of discovery of things one didn’t know one wanted to know. I say joy, of course, but naturally some restraint is necessary as, so often, the stuff you didn’t … Continue reading

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Corporate Amnesia – good or bad?

I enjoyed the BBC’s ‘Analysis’ programme transmitted on Radio 4 on 21st March and, as I write, available on the BBC i-player. It was about corporate amnesia. It put forward the premise that corporations easily forget things and therefore (at … Continue reading

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HISTORIC FEBRUARY – a monthly digest of historic dates relating to the London Underground

My database suggests that February 1864 was not month for memorable events. February 1914 was a more interesting month, though only slightly. On 9 February we find a significant change in the way the Metropolitan Railway organized its services at … Continue reading

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